Maths & English

Pupils travel to the village of Sums-on Sea, where they discover all the numbers in the village have become mixed up. The children must use their Maths skills to help Mrs Measure get all her parcels ready for posting, Farmer Times-Sign work out which shapes his animal pens should be, and helping to host the Sums-on Sea Village Auction. A fun, creative and enthusiastic approach to maths.

This new project has been developed by our creative team in conjunction with local primary school teachers, to explore how drama and theatre can help children to build stories and develop their composition and comprehension skills. The workshop begins with children creating their own archetypal characters. Then it’s off to the ‘Annual Story Character Conference’ where they must return various items of ‘lost property’ to the stories it belongs to, exploring tales such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the legend of King Arthur. The children will create their own story on the way, using OBDER as a guide, and end by physically creating a sequence to the narrative and a title for their work. This is a great springboard for creative writing and explores how verbalising sentences and physically crating images can be transferred into writing skills.

Theatre Exchange is proud to support BBC Radio 2 - 500 words 2015